Monday, 23 March 2015



Cloud was born on a hot sunny noon
Where the sun defeats the moon
She wakes up in the evening
And lingers upon the sky.
As big as a giant oh my!
Let’s learn from nature don’t be shy.

She shields us from sun rays
The tree’s are where she lays
As long as we take care
Everything will be fair.
Do we really need pollution?
Lets learn from nature
It won’t be a dare.

She dreams of being fog
Not as stiff as a log
Her mom is the north star
So high,So far
Her dad is the sun
As round as a bun
Why is our sky so gray now?
Because of pollution
thats why!
Lets learn from nature
this is not a lie

Come aboard this cloud
You’ll see the lovely crowd
Going through the sweet,cold,snow
And the hot sweaty show
But if you don’t care
The skies will turn grey
And your life will be dreary
Together we can make a change
Instead of crouching in a cage.

(My daughter)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


West Lake ,

Partially covered with fresh green lotus leaves,

sweet scent of blooming flowers,

Scorching sun , warm breeze,  waiting  for showers

This is hot and hot, Hanoi Summer.

Adding few more countries

 my Bucket list  goes higher.............
Time for good byes , farewells and tears

for dear Kanae and Jessi

Sweet Yuka with Rilakuma

Cheerful Yang Ying

Thursday, 6 June 2013

My little storyteller

This is written by my little darling ..She is still seven . I thought it is worth to share ..I'm very happy and proud of you my cutie.....Typing this much words it self is a challenge for your are doing very well ..

Sure it has some spelling mistakes that I didn't want to correct..[of course your English is better than mine..]. I want you to walk on your  own  my dear ..You have all the time in the world....

The story of


Once a pon a time there lived a

Pony. she was white as snow and her mane was golden as gold her name was Ponyella. The fields where she lived was so green she could play when ever she wanted and could run and graze on the grass all day. One day when Ponyella was grazing in the fields she saw a sign on the gate saying ‘’for rent.’’Then she saw two ugly ponys coming from a truck there names were       Pumkin who was orange as a pumkin and Plump who allways bumps. Ponyella was not frightend at all to meet them she thougt that they were friendly.But they were not at all. Then she got a little bit scared cuz they were starting to get so mean.This is what they said to Ponyella:hi Ponycrybaby laught Pumkin.ya! sniggerd Plump.and they made her plow the fields, push the heavy carts and the new owner made her stay squished in a small cabinet!The next day the princess came to put some posters on the poles of the stable.”Its the pony contest and your not going ponycrybaby” said Pumkin and Plump very rudely.Before they knew it pumkin and plump were dressed and ready to go on a beautiful truk with boquets of flowers on top of it. It glimmerd on to ponyellas eyes so quikly.But then she started to cry...Suddenly a shine came to Ponyellas eyes woosh then she saw a fairy god hores the fairy god horse said ponyella don’t you cry just give me two pumkins and 1 rat ponyella did as she said then she turned the two pumkins into a beautifull truk better than pumkin and plumps then she turned ponyella in to a beautifull pony a pony could ever imagine and after that she turned the rat in to the driver. But then the fairy god horse warend her by 12:oo every thing would change back to normal.When ponyella arrived she saw millions of ponys.But when it was ponyellas turn to do the obsticles shecould do every obstacle even the last one wich was ten feet tall!she even won 1st place it was a dream come true for her when...the clock struk 12 ponyella quikly ran to the fields and closed the door and pretended that she was still grasing in the fields then pumkin and plump came to the fields somehow they started to get kinder heres what they said:”were really sorry for calling you ponycrybaby and teasing you will you forgive us” ofcourse replied ponyella.And they became best friends forever.  The End 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Better Taste

Yesterday I found some small sweet oranges . This is something I loved back then. I bought some and shared with my kids..

'' mmm not that great'' ..they did not like it.

Then I realised taste is not just something you feel in your taste buds. There are some tastes that has eternal bonds with our nostalgic memories.

This small oranges reminds me the times of my childhood...while we were travelling to see my grand parents there were some vendors got in the bus at certain bus stands on the way. Of course it was allowed at that time and still it is happening more or less.

My father's home town was little far way. About three hours by bus and it was the most exciting trip for me as a little kid since I get to play and feel the warmth of the beautiful village etc.

Smell of oranges digged the  sweet  memories of my childhood ..that is the reason for me to taste this better .

My girls will have different things to remember and taste better day..I truly wish for them so.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Just to fill my heart

Last bits of spices..

Curries become bland

No wonder they fought

for Cinnamon in my land...

..Night get lightened

 for Christmas or new year

Why all my heart gets dark

with eyes are filled with tear..

Dark sky , misty cold

no bright sun it's gloom

before get worse, pack my bags

Oh, time to go back home.

Picture .....By Asanka Ruwan Sagara. ..thank you brother

Monday, 29 October 2012

Washed by the rain

washed by the rain ,sky was so beautiful in the eve . I wanted to picture it for cold gloomy months,,,just few weeks ahead.


what  I miss here ,pretty blue sky with the sun and nights with millions stars which I love the most.

My kids always want to see the stars and rarely we can catch one or two.. in the grey sky. Poor moon ,how lonely it must be feeling .

My lokki [ just a cute way to call my oldest daughter in my language] is so fascinated about stars and constellations .

In Paris ,we went to the Science museum and the planetarium ..oh it was such a good nap for me after a long day but both the girls were wide awake and watching all the session. Lokki just knew Bonjour, and Marci as me .[ all the explanations were in  French....!]

In Perth , Australia were lucky enough to go to the Sci tech Discovery centre with the Planetarium where we had wonderful experience.

She bought a mini telescope just to see the stars. Australians still has the luck with stars. Unfortunately Hanoi is not the place for starry nights. May be we should have visited the country side .

What a surprise , Just today we are lucky . Millions of stars scattered , with the moon. It just wonderful.

Someone might think ,what a big's just the stars. Of course right now it is a big deal for me since most of the nights I am struggling to find a single star not only for my daughters but for the little girl in me who never grow up .

She grew up under a beautiful sky . Nothing to do at night ,just count the stars. it was not the era with Internet..

TV was not very popular..we just had a radio for a long time. Last week I heard my husband tried to explain our Bunny [ my younger daughter's nick name ]  what is radio.

Do not know the progress. only I know that she told   '' it must be so boring''

She must be thinking ''what did those children do without computers , TV and not even Internet..oh my''

It was not the case for us since we didn't know them. We had a beautiful sky.  Seven sisters were my favourite. How much I counted it was six. Still we called  it seven . In my language [ Sinhala] it is called ''Hathdinnath tharu'' . Hath for seven and tharu means stars.

In Sri Lanka we have a public holiday on every full moon day. It is considered as a religious day for Buddhists and most of them would go to temple .

Back then I remember not much street lamps in the suburbs.  Just the moon lit nights ..We sometimes went to the temple at night.. Even not still enjoyed the full moon and stars.

My Ukranian friend has gone to Sri Lanka few weeks back. She told me looking at the sky was a beautiful experience ..

I love that the world has so developed. I like the Internet , that is what I am doing right now. It is wonderful to see my friends , share my thoughts with this technology. I love to watch TV. and my smart phone too. I even play Angry birds while waiting for my Bunny at school.

It is not like I hate the modern things , I just wants to see the blue sky and moon with stars .

I am not the one really, the little girl in me wants it. What can I do......

By the Lily pond with a little girl

Going down the lane

  I met a little girl

  with a book and a smile

she treasured with care

  What a pretty dream

  lying out there

  she had the shiny  pen

I dropped  ..

didn't know where

 Sitting by the pond

we had a pinky promise

    this is our little pen

now we can SHARE.........!!

.....My dear friends's me Bindi  ..Who is the little girl???

. Some of my friends who cannot read Sinhala ,always curious what is out there with round beautiful letters.

I wanted write something for them .

Hope my good old Nelumwila friends can enjoy too.

I am


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