Monday, 23 March 2015



Cloud was born on a hot sunny noon
Where the sun defeats the moon
She wakes up in the evening
And lingers upon the sky.
As big as a giant oh my!
Let’s learn from nature don’t be shy.

She shields us from sun rays
The tree’s are where she lays
As long as we take care
Everything will be fair.
Do we really need pollution?
Lets learn from nature
It won’t be a dare.

She dreams of being fog
Not as stiff as a log
Her mom is the north star
So high,So far
Her dad is the sun
As round as a bun
Why is our sky so gray now?
Because of pollution
thats why!
Lets learn from nature
this is not a lie

Come aboard this cloud
You’ll see the lovely crowd
Going through the sweet,cold,snow
And the hot sweaty show
But if you don’t care
The skies will turn grey
And your life will be dreary
Together we can make a change
Instead of crouching in a cage.

(My daughter)


I would love to know how do you feel